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Hope for Wildlife Helicopter Services is a private helicopter company with it’s focus on wildlife conservation and ecotourism.

Apart from wildlife conservation and counter-poaching, we offer unforgettable informative sightseeing and photographic flights mainly over the Panorama Route and Greater Kruger surroundings.


Continue to provide a reliable helicopter service for wildlife conservation and the ecotourism industry in the Greater Kruger area.


Through a reliable trustworthy helicopter service radically impact and curb the poaching of wildlife in the Greater Kruger area, make a difference and create conservation awareness wherever we go.


Blyde Canyon Sightseeing Flight

The duration of this epic flight is approximately one hour. The helicopter will depart from Hoedspruit Civil airfield (or collect you at your location) and route towards the Blyde River Canyon. During this flight you will get a unique perspective of the Kadishi waterfall, Three Rondawels, Blyde River, Burke’s Luck Potholes, Treur and Belvidere Rivers. Exiting the area towards the Lowveld through Devil’s Window will take your breath away!

You have the option of touching down at an idyllic true South African Restaurant, Potluck Boskombuis/Bush Kitchen which is situated on the banks of the Treur River. Here you can stretch your legs and with the crisp fresh air enjoy a meal or refreshments.

Panorama Route Adventure Flight

The duration of this exhilarating flight is approximately two hours. In addition to the first option, you will get to explore all the spectacular well know waterfalls which is located further South along the Panorama Route, the Pinnacle Rock as well as God’s Window. This would include Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls, Mac Mac Falls, and Panorama Falls.

You have the option of touching down at The Gorge Lift Company. Here you can visit the Lift Cafe Restaurant and Bar, Shops & Shops & Community Craft Centre, participate in the various adventure activities or go for a walk in the forest.


Transfers & Special events Charters

We offer transfers to and from various airports, lodges and holiday destinations. Call us for your tailor made quotation.

Whether it’s your wedding day, wedding anniversary, engagement, birthday or matric dance we would love to help make your day special with a spectacular entrance!


See our price list for our various offerings; just click here: https://hopeforwildlife.africa/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Panorama-Route-Sightseeing-and-Adventure-Flight-price-list..pdf

For more information on who we are and our various services please view our web site:


Phone:   Jana Meyer   +27 83 615 7605

Our various Lodge Management Services:

Making a difference

through our passion for wildlife

We are always willing to assist no matter what day of the week or time of the day. Nothing surpasses the feeling of being successful on a mission to rescue an orphaned rhino calf, relieving the agony of an animal with the burden of a cruel snare or fitting a collar to an elephant or rhino for research and protection purposes.

We are faced with many cases of rhino with gunshot wounds that need treatment. Together with experienced wildlife veterinarians, dedicated teams on the ground and support from the outside we are able to make a difference.

With many hours of flying experience

Experience through years of guiding and working with wildlife. Our pilot has a very unique skill set with many hours of flying experience and an in-depth knowledge of animal behaviour. We provide the following game capture services;

Mass Capture

A technique used where animals are herded into a temporary capture boma for relocation purposes.

Chemical immobilization

Through darting from the helicopter in conjunction with qualified veterinarians.

Net boma capture

Single or small groups of animals are driven into concealed nets where they are detained by a specialized ground team. Typical species would be smaller antelope like Nyala, Bushbuck and Reedbuck.

Game Management

Through many hours of counting game from the helicopter, we have developed an effective method and data capturing system.

Game counts should be done on a regular basis to determine animal numbers, sex ratios and species composition which enable reserves to develop and improve their management programs.

Safety first

Assisting with managing problem causing animals.

Whether it’s an elephant causing damage to infrastructure in a residential area, wounded buffalo dangerously close to a staff pathway at a lodge or lions that have broken out of a reserve, we are ready to assist.