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Welcome to Letaba Timber

At Letaba Timber you can find the best in custom made wood furniture created from the indigenous wood styles of Leadwood, Matumi, Red Ivory, Knob-thorn, Large Leaf False Thorn & Tamboti. These fascinating trees give a beautiful and very long lasting wood that is naturally beautiful with amazing & unique patterns and textures from our very own African soil.  Each tree has its own unique patterns and features which in turn will make your piece of furniture truly one of a kind.
Handmade Wood Art

Art?  Well, yes!  Creating something as unique as these pieces is art in its purest form.  You give us the picture you want and we will create it to your specifications and allow the beauty of the wood textures to liven up your project.

Rifles & Reloading Accessories

Nothing is better than a piece of beautiful wood to complete that love you have for your rifles and accessories.  Have your gun room fitted with a completely unique wood finish.  We have a range of ideas for your reloading kits to look just as good!

Lumber & Slabbing

We can supply any size of slab up to 2.7m wide. Having this size slab gives you endless possibilities of wooden art!  Anything from kitchen tops to lodge sitting areas to bring out the beauty of African design.  Have a look for yourself!

There is just so much you can do that is unique and will never be seen again.  Your possibilities are endless!  We have the experience and talent needed to create your piece perfection.

Besides all you see here, we have done so much more that we can make available to you if you are not sure what you are looking for.  Get inspiration from our list of happy customers!

Letaba Timber will be able to assist and service your needs no matter where you are.

We cannot wait to start working on your custom made wood art. We will work hard to bring you the unique and custom piece that you long for. Find all the information you need to start your project by getting in touch with us at the details provided.

Contact Us
  • Phone:  +27 (0) 71 295 4099  Jacques
  • Huilboerboonboom Street (close to the Pick & Pay Centre, Hoedspruit)