Tailored and Hosted Private Safaris

Code: Tailored and hosted private Safaris
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What to expect?

Led, hosted and guided by John Dixon, (JD), or a selected few Specialist Guides we have worked with for over 25 years. All whom are Top Naturalists, focused on giving the Safari Experience of your Lifetime. These packages are for the Wildlife enthusiasts, Families and Friends looking for the ultimate break away, with maximum Field time in the Bushveld. The ability to tailor your experience, and to take back epic experience’s at close quarters with Africa’s Wilderness and Big Game.

Packages, Greater Kruger region: Private Reserves

Your Safari is done at a variety of small intimate Private Safari Bush Camps in Private Reserves on the Western Flank of the Greater Kruger, such as the Timbavati, Klaserie Reserve, Manyeleti Reserve adjoining the Sabi Sands and Kruger National Park itself. The Camps accommodate between 8 to 10 Guests per group sharing. Some are basic and Old School Safari Camps; some are Tented Camps while others are more “Glamping” styled and little more Luxurious. All are well equipped and located. The Camps are serviced by a Team of in-house Staff at the various Camps.

​Camp rates

These will vary depending on which Camp, availability and its location, Standards and Services. The Camp rates are for the Full Camp use Per Day. This will include your Accommodations, Camp services, Professional Guide and Private Safari Vehicle. Some Camps will provide a Tracker, others not.  Gate and or Vehicle Entrance to all the Reserves are for your own costs.


Hoedspruit region.


On request

Just email me for availability and quote at gerhard@hoedspruit.net