Natures Way Farmhouse

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 The Property

A family destination on a working dairy farm. Situated 9 km from Nature’s Valley, Natures Way Farmhouse is set on a family-run working dairy farm. This holiday home is surrounded by gardens and pastures, and boasts views of the mountains.

Situated in the heart of the Garden Route, the Farm is picture perfect with green pastures, looking out over the Tsitsikamma mountain range. Then, there’s Natures Way, a traditional, family run Farm Stall that started in 2001 and is situated on our working dairy farm. We specialise in homemade, local and imported cheeses. Come and enjoy a light meal on our veranda (Cheese Tapas is our specialty!)


Choose your accommodation from our various cottages and houses – suitable for families, couples, travelers or holiday makers. My dad started the dairy farm in 1982 and the family-run business now includes a Farm Stall and a Plant Nursery. The houses and cottages are all placed along the edge of our Indigenous Forest, making for a peaceful and unique escape with excellent birding opportunities. They are:

  • Natures Way Farmhouse – The original Farmhouse was built in 1970 by my late Grandfather, Alex Wilson. This spacious home has recently been revamped and is filled with love and memories, perfect for a family holiday. Sleeps 5 people, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Amenities: Free WIFI, indoor fireplace, braai facilities, hair dryer, iron.
  • Our exclusive campsite, for a maximum of 6 people, has its own shower and toilet. It is private and peaceful. Electrical points and designated braai facilities.
  • Bush Buck Cottage – The lovely wooden deck faces our Indigenous Forest. It is perfect for a family with 2 children. Sleeps 4, 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom.
  • Bush Pig Cottage – A romantic setting for a couple and ideal for bird or forest lovers. This cottage provides guests with more privacy. Sleeps 2 people, 1 bedroom en-suite.
  • Natures Way Farm Cottage – This original cottage was home to my parents as newly-weds back in the early 80’s; this little gem is ideal for couples. Situated closest to the Dairy and Farm Stall & Bakery – perfect for animals lovers! Sleeps 2 people, 1 bedroom en-suite. Free WIFI and heater.


Natures Valley (off the N2) The Crags. View our map for directions: Natures Way Map


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