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Moholoholo is a wildlife rehabilitation centre and sanctuary nestled below the majestic Mariepskop mountains that is dedicated to saving South Africa’s injured, orphaned or poisoned wildlife.

Treating all indigenous species from mice to rhinos, all wildlife admitted to the rehab centre is returned to the wild where possible, but should an individual’s injuries or circumstance lead to them being unfit for release their situation is evaluated carefully to see if they would be suited to a life at the sanctuary.

The animals you see at the sanctuary are those who are not suited for release for various reasons including imprinting, being hand raised or having a debilitating injury. They act as ambassadors for their species to help educate the public about the problems our wildlife is facing and hopefully ignite a passion to help save it.

Wildlife Rehabilatation Centre

  • An absolute must to visit and experience.
  • Daily Tours: Mon – Sat (09h30 and 15:00),
  • Open as usual during school holidays and public holidays (09h30 and 15:00),
  • Sundays at 15h00 during school holidays and long weekends



  • Adults: R 170 per person
  • SA Pensioners: R 135 per person
  • Children: (7 – 12 years): R 85 per child
  • Children: (6 years and under): No charge


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