Hoedspruit Reptile Centre

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Hoedspruit Reptile Centre

The Hoedspruit Reptile Centre is located just outside Hoedspruit (16km). This area has a particularly high concentration of snakes and therefore there is a high frequency of interactions between snakes and people, making this a prime location for reptile-related research and public education. Day visitors are self guided but staff are always at hand to help with questions. Each animal’s habitat has a legend with lots of useful information regarding feeding, venoms, distribution and other interesting facts about the animal on display. If you are interested you can also book for the Interactive and Photographic tours where you are given the opportunity to have a hands-on experience.

General Walk in Visitors

This is a self-guided visit where you would walk through the Centre on your own and view the many spectacular animals on display.  One can read the easy to understand informative display legends for yourself.  Please understand that our curators are there to look after the animals and are really busy but they are always willing to help with any questions that you may have.

  • No booking necessary.
  • Can come anytime from 8am to 5pm.


  • R110 per Adult 13+
  • R55 per Child 4-12
  • Children Under 4 Free

School Groups – 20 people or more

Our booked school groups are welcomed by a curator and taken into the auditorium for a very informative large screen presentation about reptiles.  After which the learners do a self-walk through the centre to view all the beautiful animals on display. For additional features such as a live snake demonstration, guided walkthrough of the Centre, snake dissection and/or lunch packs please email us.

  • It is advisable to book otherwise a guided tour may not be possible.

  • Please note that these special discounts only apply to 20+pax


  • R30 Gr1-7 per learner
  • R35 Gr8-12 per learner

Contact details

E-mail: ​reptile@yebo.co.za
Tel: +27 (0) 15 795-5203        Cell: +27 64 516 7439

Or, visit our web address:  https://www.kinyonga.net/




We truly need your generous support.

Please have a look at our various programmes in the conservation of our reptile species: https://www.kinyonga.net/support-kinyonga


  • Golden Brown Baboon Spider Relocation Project

  • Capture Release / Quarantine Facility

  • Python Habitat

  • Reptile Rescue Vehicle

  • Tropical House


We also conduct various Volunteers & Internships programmes. Visit  https://www.kinyonga.net/courses–training