Graskop Gorge Lift

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The Property

  • The Lift – The viewing lift takes visitors 51 metres down the face of the gorge into the forest below, where wooden walkways & suspension bridges meander along a 600 metre trail through the indigenous forest with interactive exhibits. The Lift is wheelchair friendly.
  • The Forest – Whilst the lift, which travels 51m down the cliff face of the Graskop Gorge, was a feat of engineering skill to construct, it is the Afromontane forest below that is at the heart of this development. In South Africa, Afromontane forests cover only 0.5% of the country’s land area. They occur in pockets along mountain ranges in well-watered areas, including ravines and south-facing slopes. Under the vivid green canopy of trees lies a lush wonderland filled with a spectacular variety of plants, animals, insects and birds.
  • Big Swing – Now incorporated into the Graskop Gorge Lift Centre, the Big Swing is the world’s highest cable gorge swing. The experience is very different to a bungee-jump because participants are strapped in an upright position in a full safety harness. Being upright enables them to enjoy the magnificent views – that is if they can keep their eyes open as they do a 70-metre freefall at 140km/h in under three seconds.
  • Zipline – Visitors to the centre who still want to get their hearts racing but who think the Big Swing is too extreme for them, can fly across the gorge on a 130m high-wire zipline.
  • Suspension Bridge – Our spectacular 52-metre long Suspension Bridge spans the northern and southern sides of the gorge. Enjoy spectacular views while standing 70m above the ground. The Suspension Bridge sways slightly when other people are on it but offers a relatively sedate experience, allowing visitors to enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains, rugged cliff faces, forests and the Motitsi Waterfall. Although the bridge can in fact hold 200 people, only 20 people are allowed on at a time to maximized visitors’ enjoyment.

The Lift Café – – The Lift Café is a spacious inviting restaurant and bar with the most spectacular view in South Africa.

  • Warmer Days – On warm sunny days, sit back and relax on the balcony and take in the panorama views. From the waterfall, big swing and zip line on the left to past the lift and across the gorge and to the magnificent valley in the distance on the right. Enjoy ice cold draft beer on tap and delicious meals while absorbing all this wonderful nature.
  • Cooler Days – On cooler wetter days, watch the clouds and mist gently rolling in and out of the gorge past the lift, while gathered around the crackling fire, sipping on red wine or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and indulging in appetising temptations from our kitchen.

The shops & Community Craft Centre

  • Yonaka – Art Studio – Magnificent contemporary and local art is on offer in this stylish gallery. “We curate unusual and unexpected art experiences. We work with the dopest local and continental artists, showcasing the finest in African art”
  • Re-Freshed @ the Gorge – Upmarket, locally produced ceramics, plus life style shop which also sells biltong, upmarket treats, nougats etc.
  • Community Craft Centre – The Craft Centre specialises in African Art, African wire and wood sculptures, woven baskets, pottery, crafts and curios. Many of the works on display have been made by local artists.


Situated just outside of Graskop on the R533 towards Hazyview (on the opposite side of the gorge to the Big Swing).

View the Panorama Portfolio Map:  Panorama Map 2020 Mpumalanga