Drakensberg Mountains Travel Map

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The Drakensberg Region is famous for breathtaking views and majestic Mountain ranges. The Drakensberg is the name given to the eastern portion of the Great Escarpment, which encloses the central Southern African plateau. The Great Escarpment reaches its greatest elevation – 2,000 to 3,482 metres (6,562 to 11,424 feet) within the border region of South Africa and Lesotho. However, it is home to some of the country’s highest peaks, which surge up to 3 482 metres above sea level. The Drakensberg has a few famous peaks that are favourites to photograph and summit. These include Giant’s Castle, Cathedral Peak, and Mont-Aux-Sources.

Some explore the Drakensberg as a day visitor; but, to fully appreciate all that the region has to offer, we at GreaterKruger recommend a stay of a few nights. The accommodation in the Drakensberg region is extraordinary, thanks to the dramatically beautiful setting. The range is more than 200 kilometres long and combines rugged peaks with verdant valleys and spectacular backdrops.


Drakensberg Mountains Travel Map: Drakensberg, Clarens, Lesotho, Midlands Meander Map 2020