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Experience the culture and traditions of the Kruger South regions


DURATION: – 8 to 10 Hours    LOCATION:   Kruger South – Nkomazi Area

MEETING POINT: Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve [ see map below ]

TIME OF DEPARTURE:  05h00 in the morning.

The Community Tours are conducted in the Nkomazi Area and departs from the lodge after breakfast and includes lunch at the Matsamo Cultural Village. The tour includes visits to Mjejane Village, and Mjejane Youth Centre, traditional dances at Matusamu Cultural Village and Thanda Primary School.

The main purpose of this tour is for visitors to our country to experience the rural living as well as the traditions of the Swazi people in the area. We ask that clients bring with a donation such as books, pens, pencils, toys etc. that will help improve their living and educational conditions.

Mjejane Village and Mjejane Youth Centre

  • Mjejane Village is allocated in an area that used to be a farm; it is now owned by Mama Maria, she is receiving help from Mr. Michele Babaso and the community. Mjejane Youth Centre is an organization which was established in 2002. The Centre started by assisting 15 people who were sick from various diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Today it also accommodates abused children.

Thanda Primary School

  • The principal of Thanda Primary School is Mr. Maseko. The school can educate children from grade 1 to grade 9. It has 13 classrooms and can accommodate 59 children in a class. The total of children in the school is 596. The guide will walk around the village while explaining the life of the community to the guests.

Matsamu Cultural Village

  • Matsamo is named after Chief Matsamo, a prominent Shongwe chief and contemporary of King Mswati II. He was the first Swazi chief to reside permanently in the area, and as a reward for his loyalty in defending the territory against invaders from the north, Mswati II allowed Chief Matsamo to remain in charge of the region as an eminent member of Swazi royalty. Today the region is still under the control of the Matsamo Tribal Authority.
  • When you visit Matsamo Cultural Village you’ll be treated to age-old folk songs, rhythmic dance performances, including the famous Rain Dance, and music with authentic African instruments, as well as traditional Swazi cuisine. You can also wander on a tour through the village with its many huts and spaces, interacting with the villagers as they go about their daily activities, cultivating their crops, preparing traditional food and fashioning beautiful craft works.
    Also at Matsamo is a well-stocked curio shop with local crafts, and a spacious restaurant with a stunning panoramic view.
Please fill in the request form on your right or email me at for inquiries regarding the tour.
Map to Kwa Madwala Private Nature Reserve