Central Kruger Safari Adventure

Code: 4 Days Central Kruger Safari Adventure
PER PERSON, minimum 4 guests
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Central Kruger Safari Adventure

What to expect?

Minimum 3 Nights on Safari in the Klaserie Reserve, Timbavati Reserve or Manyeleti Reserve. You stay as long as you want and as your budget allows.

This Safari will be a tremendous experience as you will get to see and enjoy excellent Big 5 sightings close up. The safari camps we use are in differing locations and reserves. Your safari accommodations will depend on the availability of these Camps.

We use lodges and camps such as;

  • Africa on Foot, & Nthambo Tree Camp in the Klaserie Reserve
  • Chacma Safari Camp, a dedicated walking site in the Balule Reserve
  • Avoca Bush Camp and Walkers River Camp in the Timbavati Reserve
  • Pungwe Safari Camp in the Manyeleti
  • Bundox Safari Lodge & Ndzuti Safari Camp in the Greater Kruger

These safaris are for any Wildlife Enthusiast on their first time Safari, and for the seasoned safari traveler looking for those top Wildlife Shots and Experience.

Interested? Please contact us and ask for our availability calendar. We have safaris with fixed departures, but hopefully we can plan your tailor-made safari during one of the gaps in our schedule.


  • Guests: Min. 4 and Max. 6
  • Nights: 3 / Days: 4
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Private Safari Camp & Kruger National Camp

Please view the itinerary


Hoedspruit region.


On request

Just email me for availability and quote  at gerhard@hoedspruit.net


Day 1

  • Transfer & Arrival at Bundox Bush Camp
  • Check In & Welcome
  • Dinner and Safari Briefing by your Safari Guide around the fire

Day 2

  • Early Breakfast at Bundox safari Camp
  • Depart for the Kruger National Park Safari Orpen Gate
  • Safari Expedition
  • Lunch at Satara Camp
  • Set up Camp
  • Afternoon Safari
  • Traditional Braai Satara Campsite

Day 3

  • Early Coffee & Continental Styled Breakfast
  • Pack up Camp
  • Morning Safari
  • Lunch at Kruger Camp
  • Afternoon Safari
  • Dinner and Drinks around the Fire

 Day 4

  • Early Coffee & Continental Style Breakfast
  • Pack up Camp
  • Safari returning to Bundox Safari Camp
  • Arrival Bundox Safari Camp for Transfer and departure