Barberton Safaris and Adventures

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Barberton has a phenomenal history, not just political, geographical but geological as well. Let us, as the authority in the region, take you on a journey of adventure, excitement and exploration.

We offer scenic, adventure, birding, history, cultural, geological, photographic and 4×4 tours to some of the most spectacular areas in Southern Africa.

Our Barberton tours in the Province of Mpumalanga cover a huge area that consists of Barberton Nature Reserve, Eureka City, Barberton Mountain Lands, Msauli (Ghost Town), Songimvelo Trans Frontier Park but to name a few (not normally open to the public), and can be expanded to cover Swaziland and Mozambique.

All our tours are guided by professional guides that boasts all the necessary experience and we are all fully licensed to ensure your safety and complete satisfaction guaranteed. Barberton also has a Geo Trail that is soon to be proclaimed a world heritage site and expert guides can be arranged for in-depth history and geology of the area. All our tours can also be customized from a level 1 which can accommodate a standard 4×2 high clearance vehicle with an inexperienced driver to a level 5 which are for the extreme modified 4×4 vehicle and experienced driver. We appeal to a broad range of outdoors enthusiast while providing professional service and expert advice on the places we visit along with an expanded perspective on the history of the areas we travel, giving you the adventurer, a dynamic photographic and outdoor experience that can only inspire you and make you hungry for more. Additionally, we are committed to promoting responsible adventure travel and outdoor recreation in an effort to guide all outdoors enthusiasts to choose the road less travelled.

Safaris and Adventures like:

  • Eureka City
  • Various 4×4 Safaris
  • Barberton Mountainlands
  • Barberton Nature Reserves
  • Diepgezet Ghost Town
  • Songimvelo Nature Reserve
  • Golden Quarry
  • Gold Panning
  • 14 Streams; etc.


  1. Map of the Barberton Region:  Barberton, Kaapsehoop and Swaziland Map 2020
  2. Historical Town Map of Barberton:  Barberton Historical Map 2020
Please fill in the request form on your right for inquiries regarding the various tours we offer our guests.