Barberton and Kaapsehoop Map

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Barberton and Kaapsehoop Portfolio Map

The Regional Map:   Barberton, Kaapsehoop and Swaziland Map 2020

The Barberton Historical Town MapBarberton Historical Map 2020

The ‘Gold Rush’ town of Barberton is situated in the De Kaap Valley in the heart of Mpumalanga, fringed by the Makhonjwa Mountain Range. Barberton was official declared a town in 1884 and named after Graham Barber who discovered one of the town’s rich gold-bearing reefs. Yet it wasn’t until the discovery of Edwin Bray’s Golden Quarry in 1885 that the town transformed from a simply mining camp to a thriving Gold Rush “Boom Town”.

The mountains that surround Barberton contain some of the rarest rocks on the plant. Rocks that only occur in two places in the World and allow you to step back in time and visualise what the Earth’s surface would have looked like 3.5 billion years ago. The Geotrail is Barberton’s newest attraction and allows visitors to uncover for themselves the secrets that lie hidden in these rocks, including evidence of the first life forms visible to the naked eye! The area surrounding the town is also South Africa’s second largest biodiversity hotspot, after the Cape Floral Kingdom, making it a wildlife wonderland waiting to be explored. So whether it is iconic African animals you seek or rare endemic butterflies, Barberton has it all. Including, 350+ species of birds which can be seen along the many birding routes, hiking trails and nature reserves the area is famed for. For those looking for more of an adventure, Barberton has lots to offer.

With numerous 4×4 routes, some of which will challenge even the most experienced drivers. Quad bike adventures that immerse you in nature and allow you to explore the Ghost Town of Eureka City, cycle trails for mountain bike enthusiasts and road racers, and even paragliding experiences.