A Virtual African Elephant Experience

Code: A Virtual African Elephant Experience
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Activity Description

Pull up a chair and a coffee and tune in to your private 45-minute live experience with a passionate Jabulani elephant carer and one or two of the Jabulani elephants.

Enjoy your very own unique virtual experience to “meet” an African elephant, and find out more about their incredible anatomy, their personality with the in-depth knowledge and personal experience provided by either Tigere or Owen, our elephant managers at Jabulani.

Take your time to ask any questions during this special time which you can share with anyone in your company as we stream live via ZOOM to your living room!

Your support in booking this live stream goes towards the ongoing essential elephant care of the Jabulani elephants. Your contribution also goes towards a 6-month bronze foster membership of an elephant of your choice – a certificate will be issued in your name


Provider Elephant Moments

Duration Open Ended

When Daily from 03 January 2021

Where The comfort of your own home.

Weather This programme only serves as a guideline, as things often change in the bush, and therefore the program will adapt to what we see and experience

What to Wear N/A

Things to Bring N/A

Guests or Spectators Only 1 Zoom session at a time.


Minimum Age 0 years

Minimum Height 0.0 m

Maximum Height 0.0 m

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications None Required

Maximum Weight 0.0 kg

Certification None Required

Experience Level No Experience Requirement


Inclusions and Exclusions


Includes a 45-minute elephant experience with either one or two of the Jabulani elephants and their carers.
A 6-month foster certificate is included for an elephant of your choice. All proceeds go towards the Jabulani Elephant Care Fund.

Exclusions n/a


We will strive to provide the best quality signal for the session. At certain times our “bush” wi-fi/signal can at times be a little erratic, but we will ensure that we give you a full 45-minute experience.
We cannot guarantee which elephants you will meet at the time of booking.
Only one “party” or account can log in to each live stream. (But the family can all join in!)
Weather – in the case of inclement weather on the day you have booked your live session, we will be in contact with you ahead of the time to rearrange another time suitable to both parties.
Please confirm your email address at the time of book and your contact telephone number.


To book a time-slot fill in the form on the page or email Gerhard Brummer at gerhard@hoedspruit.net