Into the Naruto’s Footsteps: This new Friends’ Pathways [ ]

September 17, 2023

Into the Naruto’s Footsteps: This new Friends’ Pathways [ ]

Fundamental article: Cursed Warrior Extermination Goal On the comic strip, she are sent on the mission for the Property regarding Wild birds with Naruto and you may Neji. With this mission, the fresh capabilities from her taijutsu experiences was basically shown when battled assassins including their own high preciseness whenever she had the Cursed Warrior. When she, Naruto and you may Neji came across a trap that would maybe place out of in the event that didn’t hit improperly, Tenten took it through to by herself to allow themselves to successfully pass once truthfully dismantling it. She later on smacked Naruto to own faking his own passing and you may stated she are concerned with your. While this is actually true, she presented frustration for the Naruto and you will Neji having making their own away of the package.

Konoha Preparations Recapture Purpose [ ]

Main blog post: Konoha Preparations Recapture Objective On the anime, the newest Konoha eleven is introduced with her to stop Genno out-of bombing Konoha. Tenten was shown to be an incredibly eager observer, picking right up towards things one anyone else missed.

Menma Recollections Look Mission [ ]

Main post: Menma Memory Research Mission From the cartoon, she, Neji and you can Naruto have been allotted to escort Menma – an early on son that amnesia – to the Land out-of Produce.

Sunagakure Assistance Objective [ ]

Chief article: Sunagakure Service Mission Regarding comic strip, Tenten was alone out from the Konoha eleven to remain out of the goal to save Gaara’s student out of the fresh Five Celestial Signs Dudes, and you can Tenten scolded Lee because of it. Lee explained that Tenten is aside towards the other objective and so did not attended, even when Tenten attacked your anyhow, with the Active The means to access beat your.

Interlude [ ]

Main blog post: Within the Naruto’s Footsteps: The Friends’ Routes Throughout the cartoon, about 24 months afterwards, Tenten’s people inserted a young Chunin Exam organized between Konoha and you can Sunagakure. Towards first test, Tenten and her teammates were randomly split into more bedroom. Shikamaru, while the proctor, told me that everybody only has to address one matter with the decide to try, but their team’s joint rating have to equivalent precisely 100 what to pass. Neji chose to post vibration through the wall surface to share with his cluster and therefore concern they should for every respond to. After, Shikamaru coached someone to resolve a plus matter of just what teammate could well be forfeited just like the a required, to which that person will be disqualified. Tenten, are loyal, chose not to respond to after all, and in the end her class passes the first bullet. A race in order to Sunagakure ended up being granted where only the very first 29 organizations to arrive carry out be eligible for next exam.

Sooner, Tenten’s team get to time for you to be considered. A day later, the second test first started. Each class is actually for each provided sometimes an eden or Earth search and have been necessary to obtain the shed browse and you will give them on fundamental building of one’s Demon Desert in this three days. Once the Neji’s people began shopping for opposition, they certainly were soon came across because of the a good Suna-nin team. Sen got rid of good genjutsu, revealing so you can Tenten’s class that they was indeed updates inside quicksand and you may was in fact pulled into the Mud Waterfall Pit. Immediately following controlling to flee the fresh new gap, they discover Party Shira and you will conserved her or him off their treacherous other Suna-nin. Since Neji expected why they assaulted Shira’s team at all, it was informed me that they had zero esteem to possess Shira since an effective ninja just like the he held no skills within the ninjutsu nor genjutsu.

Recognising Shira’s similar problems, Lee angrily ran following other Suna-nin. Tenten and you will Shira’s teams soon involved toward overzealous Lee and you will protected your about Suna-nin’s category violence. After the almost every other Suna-nin left, Lee challenged Shira, that your latter cheerfully accepts. Tenten is actually surprised just how equal the 2 fought. If the a few taijutsu fighters began going most of the-away, Lee with four of 7 Doors and you can Shira using his self-written Seven Air Respiration Strategy, the fight is actually eventually titled of.

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